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Wonderful moment

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Two years back C T C Group Jallandhar organize Tech fest in their College. I went there to participate in creative writing competition. But as we reached there above said competition had over. It makes me disappointed.

Immediately my classmates acquaint me regarding still one competition is left , its Nukkar Nautanki. We become ready to participate in this competition. Now we are going to perform on topic Dowry system. Within few time we prepared activity. I act as a mother of bride. Here i was playing the role of down to earth lady because of all in all at home. Managing all activities , giving respect to guests especially to bridegroom and his parents by connecting both hands with bowing head. When i asked is everything okay to bridegrooms father, “he demand for dowry and threat me to take back barat “. During bent knees, joining hands requesting bridegroom’s father for more time for paying the amount of dowry with letting him know reason of incomplete dowry and touching his feet.

The moment i was playing this role , it realize the helpless of a girl’s parents. Although one of my class mate was playing the role of mine daughter but it appears to me as i am saying these words for my real daughter. Bride stop me to do so because she was not interested to make relation with such family who do not understand feelings and potential of a girl.

I add if today bridegroom left her without getting marry then nobody will accept you throughout the life. Bridegroom also oppose his father. At last bridegroom’s sister does empathy and convince her father. As over the play we convey the message to public regarding eradicate dowry system. Actor/ Actresses do great job because put themselves in particular condition according to script demanded. Really it was wonderful experience for me but did not get any position.


  • To bring change concept was of 1980-1990 as shown in Indian movies and plays.
  • Different or stylish ideas not used.
  • Introduce bridegroom’s sister was totally theoretical concept not practical.
  • Real life’s tricks should added.


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