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why like social media or don’t



Why I like social media or don’t             


social media

Social media for exchange views , information and knowledge and most important entertain us. Write comments , post, share photos please us.

In modern age social media works as tonic taken by personalities exactly after wake up. Start day with face book and tea. Cell phones does handy. As get message immediately reply although you are in any position , anywhere . In case reply become late – It makes youngster standard down. Be online 24/7.

This rule apply on three generations. These are fan of social media. Even those personalities who does not know  A B C but know how to drive social media.


Anyways here is displayed some facts and figures of social network .



Image result for people used social media



From above chart it reveals that face book accounts are mostly operated by teens as compared to adults where as pins are mostly used by adults.

Well ! Social media is used to read others blogs that provide really knowledge and enjoyable stuff . It teaches us how to manage different activities at home and make ourselves up to date  .

I use it learn something new , ethics that makes happy. Whatever we know can share  views , upload video  , ask questions , do discussions , take experts opinion, comments etc. its good source of income. You tube, Google add words , LinkedIn , Facebook are used for online marketing. We can take information from any sector of this world with procedures and up to date.


  • Sometimes it creates issue for girls and ladies.
  • Misuse images . Collect likes with  holy pictures and then change picture.
  •  Technology in wrong hands.
  •  Use inappropriate contents.

At last  I can say that pros and cons  are two sides of same coin. It depends upon users how they use it whether to create something new or toward evil.


Have a good day.

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