Turns in Ulrika life

Turns in Ulrika life



This story moves around Ulrika life tragedy and how exerted to recover.

Ulrika-A mischievous , day dreamer , stub-born , optimistic,  willing to do something different in life. She loves greenry and of course village environment , fond of collection of Peebles and pics . She believes that luck does not take time while change. As she was willing got handsome, stylish  , eccentric and of jolly nature life partner . Her minds desire to be fulfilled and proceedings in their life. Everything was going on well.

When a house on fire , a man came to put out and rescue their home. Although at that time assist them but his intention was to ruin them. This turning point makes couple separate and but their love was still alive.

Ulrika pay determination to fix all obstacles. In dusk while walk about in fields a pretty butterfly sat on her shoulder. As saw butterfly it change her mood. Slightly she hold it in her hands and brought to her home. keep it into cage and give her green leaves to take. The entrance of butterfly in her colorless life convert into cheerful. It powerfully transform her life. As a day dreamer whatever dream saw now going to be fulfill. Ahead stagnation was cheif obstacle in her life. Now her own spiritual power accompany Ulrika as pal.

Bring down her ego and change her partner mind with convincing power and does reconciliation.

Release an old aged lady from forign country who was doing toss and turn for her husband who fall sick in home country.

Release a young boy to whom his parents left in home country for many years by torn his ppassport.

Reunion a couple who has living separate from each other for 3 years.

Accord of separtated children with parents.

Disappear the object of terror forever from her life.

Rebirth the souls by losing her own life.

Now it was time when eventually she does adventures and become strong lady. While rescue a life from beach she escaped life but own breath lost forever. Next day when her body was going to get burried collection of butterflies were paying her tribute. Although she was loser in life but in last days she amazed the world by noble deeds. In this case  a day dreamer win the race because she trusted upon dreams. It to make a place resplendent others life.

Hope you will enjoy this story



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