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Turned away mind

Turned away mind


If consistency makes mastery then what’s about voracious…….

Does it make you or break you?

A big decision in life makes you or break you?

What should you say about secrets?

Like these questions here are some many queries. Two friends Joel and Crane going for getting answers in different environments. Let us see ……..

View inside imposing chamber

1. The funniest thing you ever saw was

Its myself in mirror.

2. The piece of clothing you like best of all is your..

My son’s first dress after birth

Now enjoying next view while doing cycling in swimming pool

3. Your favourite meal

That please wards.

4. One day you had like to…

When I crossed seven oceans first time    for my life partner.

Now in pleasant weather under blue sky the view of dancing white peacock see the answer of next hot questions

5. The most beautiful thing in the world is

Adorable pics of  my babies

6. Your favourite  pet…


Next question in awesome view of compound under the shade of China berry

7. The best story you ever red was…..

What was good about it…

Yeh dillagi (this amusement)

How peacefully and face all up and downs.

8. The thing you hate doing the most in the world is……

To be stranger while know everything.

Next question to see the view of restaurants  under water.

9. The advertisement you like the most is

10. When you angry….

Just come down upon him.

Why this conversation was going on because to know the present of krane’s turned away mind from closely knit kin.










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