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sometimes you meet someone

Sometimes you meet someone

Sometimes you meet someone with mind blowing mood and sets in conversation as you know me. But on other way she is touch planner and come into her contact for a purpose. But you don’t forget her ¬†words came out from her mouth become key and memorable for you. But other lady hate you a lot Anyhow she talks to her. After many years somgeone memories both ladies converation to other lady that till today she did not forget you and likes your wording.She replies that till today she didn’t forget her. She may have nice feelings for me but I don’t have”. First lady glad to know that she memorize it although her wording was against her. This meeting was not coincidence but pre planned on one side. Iam going to finish this story you still have importance in my life as human being and¬† I regard you.

I hope readers wil enjoy this light weight andJuicy story.



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