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MechanzO 12+ - Program your robot



We are dealing with Robotics and embedded system . We are providing Robotics kits for 6 yeras to 16 yeras old students. Students can cretae their own models using Mechanzo kits. Learn by doing.

Its will great experience for students when they will make its model.

As Robotics deals with mechanical , electronics, computer science and electrical branch we have variety of products that are displayed on our site.

We provide trainings like

ArduinoBOTics [Arduino Platform based Robotics]
AndroidBOTics [Robot control using Android device]
Balance-ur-BOT [Balancing Robot using Accelerometer & Gyroscopic sensor]
EyeBOTics [Robot control by Image Processing]
MatDIP [MATLAB & Digital Image Processing]
For more information check www.thinnnkware.com
To buy mechanzo kit / training / any querry contact : neolosys@gmail.com