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Retouch-A connecting bond

Retouch-A connecting bond

In morning  Elley a bank manager saw today’s to do list. At 2 o’ clock meet Jacob who was a professional accountant and there  both will discuss about online library. At sharp 4 o’ clock Jacob and Elley will meet Eris in continental cuisine for evening party. On other side Eris was very happy to meet Elley and Jacob today.

In cheerful mood Elley got ready take healthy breakfast and moved for job. She handle the clients issues, ask relevant question and provide responses having full satisfaction and support the staff as usual. She got permission to her boss regarding leave the job three hour before for important meeting. Clock struck 1:50 she moved for library. Krane who was a senior librarian in city’s library welcome Elley for starting online library idea. Then Jacob also reached. Krane open pot of her knowledge and discuss about requirements like 5000 books minimum and delivery faculties and record maintenance etc. In between these discussions clock struck 3:45 moments to meet Eris coming close.

Eris called Elley for where they were now. As Eris told close to you both end this telephonic conversation. When Elley and Jacob entered the cuisine both pleased with surprised for warm welcome from staff and Eris with flowers rain till five minutes. Balloons decorated roof with sweetie and cutie watermelons as upside field .

Eris : Welcome dear !stay happy all time.

Elley: This is Jacob my life’s treasure.

Jacob : Hi Eris! I am impressed.

Eris: I am blessed with happiness.

Then they started delicious Italian snacks. Particular taste with particular gossip. A good combination.

Elley took excuse for washing hand. Then Jacob pulled his chair near Eris and tried to kiss her. Eris surprised and pulled her chair back.

Elley as came back she informed about tonight party in which their wedding date will announce. Eris chew red hot chilly in mouth and angered in mind . Jacob’s this activity make hubbub in Eris mind. Now what Eris should do? Should she told Elley? But if I told her all dreams for her new life will shattered and she become alone. Elley said goodbye and invite Eris for party. Both Elley and Jacob left the cuisine.

Now with this intention to punish Jacob she got ready for Elley and Jacob ‘s engagement.

Eris: Hey Jacob!

?Happy Engagement .

I have special gift for you. But you can see the whole gift at 10th day. Jacob in nervousness saw at Eris and felt himself as flesh of animal slaughter slowly. These ten episodes will you get at 7:59 daily for tenth days and it will play on for 20 minutes daily.

Name of this video gift is :

Silent and smiling lips

Day 1 Declaration -deep roots under salty water

Day 2  Among million ideas cleverness

Day 3  Going down in circular motion

Day 4  Vibrations in home unit

Day 5 Login close-away  relations

Day 6 Irate but entertaining Hill

Day 7 Followers Hi

Day 8 Connecting touchy

Day 9 Server measure

Day 10 Robust timing

After reading this list Jacob trembled  but try to show normal face expressions. Good wishes Jacob,” said Eris”

Jacob made run horses of his brain to get all these videos in advance but Eris didnot leave any clue behind for him. Even he sent thieves for stealing videos. Guests were celebrating party. In the party Eris and Jacob took it on their rings from each others hands. Next morning Elley called Jacob and informed him that she was going to Indonesia for UNO project. Jacob took deep breath and came to see her off. In Indonesia one day while sending message on phone and going to climb on bus in meanwhile one of her feet slip and she fall down on road one bus wheel pressed her face badly . This incident damaged her face enough immediately she made reach at hospital.  A lovely message that was sending her

” I would become gold after burning my all faults and my true love will stay with you all time “

Jacob had saw first video of Eris that scared him and he was waiting for 2nd day video but then he heard shocking news deal with sage had broken by disclosed  this secret from a disciple in front of Eris. This made him helpless and felt as he become disabled. But anyhow he got up to meet Eris . I declared to refrain from such undesirable act and felt ashamed never do this again in life and would be loyal for Elley in lifetime. I also do  confess here that waited  till Ellen’s  recovery .

Now both Eris and Jacob went to Indonesia for her treatment and stayed over there .After 4 months when Elley  recovered, all three friends came back to india . Eris left this incident to tell Elley but Jacob told her all. Elley uttered I knew this so I went far away to make myself gold , now we both are gold . Let us start a new life after get rid of old tragedy.

⚘Eris , Elley and Jacob were become helping hands with each other.⚘


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