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Motivation is of two types : Internal and External

Internal: Inner flame to do something different that makes an individual unique by achieve objectives.

External: When someone encourage you to do something different and having much weight age in his / her words that changes your life.

Each and every individual have inner power.”All great personalities have single similarity – they identify their inner power and set in hard-working, pain-staking efforts which gives them outstanding result ” Although peaceful mind can think greatest creativity yet sometime because of  worst circumstances you create marvelous wording or thing that gets dominating place in world . To find a new path, firstly do SWOT analysis, set mission, do planning and most valuable thing mold your mind towards mission.




... they give me the motivation and inspiration to work towards my goal


Believe in yourself and delete negative thoughts from mind. Think big and totally different. In beginning, your mission will look like go to moon (implies very big and difficult ) but your positive thinking + hard working + luck + rays of hope that bright in your eyes will create a ladder from starting point to ending point ( moon ) i.e. destination. At every step of life, you have to face up and downs, obstacles, bitter wording, that brings you down but inner flame inspire you get up again and prove yourself  in front of world in spite of extreme criticism and without any companion and blood relations are far away , but potential assist . Especially persons who created disturbance for you ,make them your fans and be a source of motivation for them. At least once in their life such persons must realized regarding their deeds .

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