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Man in secret room

                                     Man in secret room


“Extraordinary personality could not hide on ground and with his light to lighten the life”

Often seens that when a person is locked in room or secret room such reasons are found like dead drunker, drug addicted, insane, handicapped, having confidential information, witness of crime, affair case or extremely sensitive. But this story is about a doodler who makes doodles and whatever he draws in doodles it become true in futuren say predictor doodler.But his family wants to protect his skill from world. He is god gifted as touch doodler.

With this purpose they kept him under lock for 4 years in secret room in New Zealand. Discription of secret room-a dark room having 4 walls and a ceil in basement a door hidden behind the portrait of Buddha. It was stiffy to think about open this door and found him.Meal he got daily one time in noon 1french denish, 1garlic bread stuffed and a hot coffee.

Another fact about this secret room as he enters in room darkness spread everywhere but his eyes glitter. Found silence everywhere he saw. Four walls taken as four directions east, west, north and south.when he see on wall on east side start drawing doodles for east direction would happen in eastern .In same way on western part, northern part and southern part taken. Spend his time in drawing doodles and make himself busy and sometimes mull if I would not god gifted with this art then I would enjoy the life of layman and entertain the outside life as others do.l play the games, goes to school, interact with friends, goosip and all funs.

Daily he gets meals from a itsy -bitsy square window that opens daily for 20 seconds.There was also bulid a small washroom inside secret room.A couple of dresses kept inside the room.After 4 years when he bring outside with this promise they astonished to see w rooms walls was filled with doodles. Secretly bring him outside as he came from abroad and spend normal life.

He interact with peoples and make friend. Once he was going to evening walk with group of  fast friends.Everybody was discussing their autobiographies. In mean while mcmohan revealed a truth of his life that he found a fisc and he hide it in secret place. After two days police arrested him in doubt that he knows about fisc. Whenever policeman start interrogate he become unconscious fasly and same continue till 6 months. After that they reseased him to understand he is innocent. It bring a twist in his life. John utilised different strategies and trick and win his trust and mcmohan to come to surface as a result of rubbing everything.  John by search out fisc hand over to police and make mcmohan arrrested. In mean time at his home those peoples who were searching out predictor doodler they came to know about john. As he came to know about this john quit immediately to keep his words with family.

John has succeeded to make doodle work for all directions, spend layman’s life, perform duty as a civilian and last thing kept words with family.

I hope all of you enjoy this story . Your comments and suggestions are welcome.



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