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Lipstick Revolution

                                                  Lipstick Revolution

Lipsticks ! Many shades , styles, colours , designs love every women all time. This entity often found in ladies purses either big or small , casual or stunning . Once someone asked a lady ,”why your purse is so heavy?” She replied, “Nothing just filled with 70-80 lovely lipsticks that’s it” Oh really you have nothing in your purse. What a big joke! Some ladies consider as symbol of married lady while some take it as a higher status symbol or some take it to be gorgeous personality or some take it to be look hot all time. Many notions are connected with lipsticks in different cultures and  countries all over the world.

Guys I am talking here about a lipstick competition conducted by Relvon in canada. Every year Revlon organised huge sale , heavy reduction on all cosmetic products for two days but this time Revlon make a contest and select 3 winners .

First prize $5000

Second prize $3000

Third prize $2000

Conditions were applicable like age between 10 to 18 years

Must canadian citizens

Entry Fee $500

Topic :Select any four colours of lipstick and symbolizes in fantastic way and the colour you selected applied on lips. All aspects would evaluated like way to apllied lipstic, best symbolises and message you deliver to feminine and present yourself. Time was given for 5 days in June.

Till June 4 company received 600 entries and an email as a gift for Relvon company which was full with warm and worthy feelings  for judges and contestants.

Email was written as.

I am joining words for stay blessed Revlon company by leaps and bounds in future as i deposited amount of $300 for course of company secretary from last year to make my career.But now my mind pushes to give key to above said competition where I can show my skill. Its not as  bigger issue for me to deposit dollar 200 more and enter in this contest but I am not canadian citizen but  living in canada from last 4 years .Apart from this I am speechless to let you on excitement for this competition.  I would not to be disappointed from worlds most beautiful country in which I am living and if could not my dreams come true. I want to make a place in your heart that mapple leaf have. I want to touch the heights as CN tower  in canada. I want to flow with time as niagra falls. Fear pull on backside but courage push forward and its my courage with this I am here and watching pink side of my life. In this competition I would not  compete with all contestants who send entries but with multi cultural peoples who are struggling to establish their existence. I am going to finish this mail with warm feelings and hope positive thinking fisc lighten your life.

Anyways as time come for declaring result anchor told hold on your fast heart beat before letting you on this result I would recite you an email whose writer is not available on this place but her wording present right here.And study above said mail on stage.

Now third prize goes to Marry who applied purple shade lipstic with give message for feminine power make you luxurious with family cooperation and light shades suggest a more restrained sophistications.

Now second prize goes to  valentina who applied red  lipstick and give message that a tool of communication their own self-possession. Source of strength you put it on and suddenly feel more capable than you did without it. Specially draw your attention,  your mouth and each word that comes out of it.

And first prize goes to touch email writer whose words I recited you before declaring result.

A huge round of bloss started and make the atmosphere colourful. Weightage of words force the judges to break one rule and to assess the human value.

Have good day.





















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