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Is it brain washing

              Is it brain washing

“As cold drinks chill body in summer in the same way freshness and originality  in thoughts inspire the mind”

How many peoples do agree that repetition of any mantra begins to absorb in mind? It doesn’t implement in studies only but in social life also.
Joya is acquisitive by nature. Applied for job four years back in office and waits for positive response till now .Exactly after the time period of four years and two days Joya got call from architecture office when she was seeing view of outside world from window of her home. Her happiness reach at peak as hear words of  calling for job. In the meantime she noticed a gentle man having white and black hair style walking fast for job. On back side of shoulders hanged black bag, checking emails and moving actively. He was passing through drive in which she lives.
She analysis about dream job. Joya memorise moments how one of her enemy sent her out from this job. Secretly joins hand with potential employer and snatch this job while Joya had more potential than kamay. She was going back on dream job and thinking about time , environment and management . How many changes would have been taken place.
In excitement she went to secret room where everytime express her feelings, sorrows, harmony .Now walls of secret room start talking to her and saying best wishes and good luck and asking about handle different situations having interested questions may be asked like
—If you got opportunity to write first book in world then which topic do you select?
I would share my penance experience and my beliefs.
—If someone start to show you inferior all time how would you react?
I would control my grief with silence and think in mind hard hitting reply and my curse will show its consequences.
—If you would become million dollar family which first activity would you perform?
Those who does accord to be dominant all time and not to take birth a girl in home disappear their existence.
—Most astonishing things for you in life?
Those having Hitler nature and access for revenge interference.
Great job . Go ahead and start your job. As she enter the job she found same boy to whom she saw in morning he came to her life as transformation and best wishes was accomplished. She proved that its not brain washing but memorises all time, events, places, discussions,  pics , debates and memories keeps with you.



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