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In worst conditions goal become more strong

                          In worst conditions  goals become more strong


Having everyone on the same page helps the group see the direction.


I am going to take down this blog when someone stop me to make career. But am trying soon or later I’ll be successful. 

worst condition states that human life in critical conditions . Its main reasons are : natural calamities ,break out of horrible disease , enmity , pre- planned mission for destruction, misuse of technology or power, confidential information in wrong hands, bigotry etc. But as we know that god is omniscient – must balance the environment  by human efforts and exertions.

If you are right at your place even in worst conditions you will get kick to achieve  the goals. At an extent it depends upon path adopted to do work like slow or fast or by rough hand or in artistic way to make it masterpiece.  Exertions , efforts, hard-working, dedications  never worthless although one in any situation. Especially dignitary personalities  ( including lay man to professionals) will not allow you to achieve the goals because of their own benefits. Always keep in mind nobody does willing that you do more progress in your life either in home or outside the world.

It ‘s just you who can make your path. Start work practically, circumstances teach you new ideas, make experience for future- how to tackle huge issues in life. cricketer  Yuvraj Singh life motivates  to fight for goals even in case of parents separation. Children should never give up courage even in such situations , time is a great healer. As early you start work at yourself , as close you be your  destination.

Fight for your rights ,even when you have no life – ahead is death. your best friend is your soul that guide you at each and every step. Accept failure as challenge by heart and soul , you must get harmony  cum destination.

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