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Hidden life in carried out plans

                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Hidden life in carried out plans



”  To disengage their traditional business bring them here and kill in such terrible place”
Three friends Brainy, Stephen and Michael were embarking on huge hill. As they reach at top of the hill both Brainy and Stephen began to  give suicide ideas to Michael. It’s common saying that anytime anything can change your mind. These ideas assault on Michael’mind that he got ready for hug the death as no joy and meaning remain in life. with tensed mind he walked but loose balance and fall down to hill and become unconsious.
In midnight when Michael opened  eyes see himself on bed and wonders how he came here. It was Tin who brought him here. Tin said  ” Get up ! your goal is ahead and see what happened ” Go and cover distance of 1 kilometer. you will found a banyan tree.  when Michael reached under banyan tree what he looked all around with torch. Dry leaves spread on large area. Before this he moved ahead army soldiers were going. It would safe to stay here and let the soldiers go. Then a new fresh morning arises. Michael found an anonymous letter in silver words that are as:
A yellow maroon soldier will show waves. Keep going on in direction of be still. Search maple leaf  under shed. As written in yellowish  wrinkled letter go five steps ahead by holding maple leaf in hand. Unbelievable sight caught in his eyes for life.  Michael followed the order of activities as written in mail and wait for surprise.
what happened then?
wow! Amazing!
A sweet sound touched all walls of mind and to felt ecstatic joy. behind and beyond the horizon possibilities spoke bright lives. As this view completed a bitter naked truth disclose all faces and future plans to broke down the strength and unity  of kind hearted community about them plans were above said.


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