Good habits that makes you sucessful entrepreneur

   Good habits that makes you successful entrepreneur


  1.  A feasible possible vision.
  2. A creative mind.
  3. Consider employees asset of organisation.
  4. Search out ideas from different activities like gossip , watching TV and to see any profession.
  5. Keep up to date regarding marketing strategies.
  6. Keep the record of all transactions in written form to avoid future disputes.
  7. Think ideas to start new business opportunities today before sleeping for tomorrow.
  8. Get ready to fix issues asap.
  9. Having capability to raise funds as early as possible.
  10. During dealing in diversification also focus on products used on daily basis.
  11. Having must qualities of to extract essence, awesome perception power, good communication skill and take initiative according to situation demanded.
  12. A solid heart to whom a huge profit or heavy loss could not affect his life.
  13. Do not assess somone on the basis of cast or creed , educated or uneducated , aristocratic or poor.
  14. Must have network of professionals of different sectors.
  15. Continuously learning helps to better understanding of new obstacles and challenges.


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