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Going on Going on

Going on Going on


This is not perfect time for writing. I need place here and there. No idea from where I should take ideas. It would good go outside interact with different personalities, know their views, see outside and someone like angel  appear and give power to make a lot of funny, informatic, new concepts introduced like this.

As writing is concerned every writer have to face obstacles while writing truth or conspiracies or writing strategies, pillars that eventually works .

Opinions or take same subject but for untouched aspects . On other hand writers keep busy themselves  in alone room and generate ideas.

“Nurture your mind

with great thoughts,

for you will never

go any higher

than you think ”

Benjamin Disraeli

Do you think charming personality free from house hold activities provide ideas in the form of listen -say-write as we do while preparing assignments or project reports during shortage of time just cut-copy -paste wherever you want. Or ideas come as water from fountain. People set in conversation and do comments how are you doing great work.WOW!

How sensible you did your work .words are looking as to string pearls and make you stand in the queue  of great writers.

More comment add on I really appreciate your work. Demanding super stuff from yours and I would definitely  come back especially for you .

It’s Anna’s thought that are going to be viral. Whenever someone uttered ,”I have nothing to do. What I should do?

Reply to him on the same place if something dispersed on ground nearby  him .send him to keep all things at their place. In case floor is neat and clean then advice him to go and observe 5 pending work in life and complete it within 1 hour does not matter whether  it’s big or small deal.

Those who take relations as burden aware them key of work life balance.Relationship does not mean the moment when two people  co-operate , support each other and hold hands as we see in pics of joining of two souls but relationship means the feeling that bring them close with a knot when there is misunderstanding , arguments,oppose or debate within  four walls or outside.

Often in academic time teacher give more homework students starts crying in loud voice,”no mam,no mam. it’s too much we can’t  do . How we shall do this”

Answered in sweet tone after a moments silence ,” it’s time management ” Celebraties and great personalities current position  is because of proper utilisation of 24 hours. 8600 moments make valuable take pain staking efforts,

take obstacles as part of life and accept challenges goes on moving. Take it on the ornament  of knowledge ,burning fire in mind, regular dose of self -motivate with first ray of morning .

Try to do a work to whom others hesitate. May be it’s challenging or tedious or easy having no value. It can be possible you make such ignored work worthy and make your career in this direction .

Bad time reveals bitter truth not for yours only but for critics also.

Empathy  for critics.

Good start of dusk -dawn rituals make life healthy.

Make difference between personal and professional goals.

Cover sky with a small piece of cloth. This is……….I do not like this. Not suitable time to ignore but give shape by handover a  candle to take steps ahead.

A valuable thought existence starts from family and with family all time although wherever you are.

Saying cum covering some topics  as a letter to read herself and connects with  a Persian Proverb

“Go and wake up

Your luck”

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