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Gods you are GREAT

             GODS You are GREAT
Gods, why is this sudden and absolute silence to prevail
I am not greeting here to martyrs but to modern gods.
Like valuable gems ” Indian writers ” whose written vulgarity touching heights did not left even a single wrost word but their rites forcing them to return honours.
Now let us talk about  Precious God Cum angels  “Indian Singers ” who involved all monsters in singing and make reach this entertaining profession at the top with musical rhythm give a new tone  to death songs .
Keep this Gorgeous Comedy profession at third place that is “Stunning Cum talk rapist ” Such reeking personalities are on high demand in media.
Finger on lips. No words for this high level aristocratic personality.
…………………………….. Kapil Sharma take across all boundaries. Good news for him. No one is alive to stop his excessive barking tongue. Still no rule no regulation no law made for him. Even a single voice didn’t stand against him.
And he is dead busy in promoting Firangi.
You should celebrate your good luck when your lady fans take it on white veil before see your dreams. They keep white veils always ready.
Now what Which words should I say about Nanhi Chhaan’ killer who are on fourth position.
No childless.
No widower.
No orphan.
You recited someone’s married life 17 years back when even they were not met. Now how is going your married lives.
” yes . She must perform. If she will not perform you all will see how much biggest cost she have to pay “
I have not words in your appreciation still new and special words will develop for you.
You have done whatever you said.
” Don’t consider me ………………
I am………………………….”
Dedicate  your wordings to yours.
Fifth position for you, dear.
A strong kick sent Football across seven oceans in Woodbridge. Now it’s your turn. A mind blowing period of 1- month as completed a kick from other side and sent in Amritsar. Good job.
Do you think should you need to come over here ?
Answer should no because all time you sent back.
All time pending sword doesn’t make easy for anyone.
Good luck for you. Now I demand marvellous response from
above said position.



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