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For pessimistics and losers

For pessimistic and losers


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To goes on thinking negative continuously due to incident / accident occur or because of nature is known as pessimistic. Such persons used to search out negative points at each and every moment.

In first attempt who become fail and does not courage to try it again with positive intentions and consider it as fortune are known as losers.

Here are some practical main situations like to get deceive in love , fail in exams, big loss in business , defeat in game /gambling . Identify yours companions, kin and kith, friends- how in worst circumstances they assists you. which path indicate you whether of goodness or evil. This is best moral for pessimistic and losers to think about yours blood relations as well as others harmony and difficulties. It will bring great twist in your life- come to know about various activities ,understanding of perform relations, others way of face the critical situations , different solutions , alternatives , sacrifices and experiences. It will make forget your tensions.

As Mahatma Gandhi said,” Live as if you were to die tomorrow . Learn as if you were to live forever.”  Interact with different individuals- share views , exchange information on different subjects, listen carefully their issues and provide appropriate solution. Make habit to find solution of each and every issue. Try as far as possible issue could not become problem. But if by the core of heart will start to find the solution of problem definitely you will get it. Sometime just with gossip one can find the objective of life. As far as mine experience is concerned even to pick up single step of welfare never futile in life. Noble personalities never forget goodness of even bad individuals. Human beings world exists because of honest and geniuses. Few moments spend with optimists change your mood cum teach you depth of life with meanings in artistic way.






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