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Does criticism motivates

 Does criticism Motivates?

 CRITICISM. Magnifying glass over different association terms.

Define Criticism:

Something is going wrong in your environment to fix it use bitter words in the form of taunting , make understand or take solid steps verbally or forcefully face to face or by taking support of media or social workers.

Current definition of criticism:

As much take benefits 50 times more criticize , on one hand make source of income while on other hand give death every second with polite and impress able words as such everything is okay.

As one has higher position as greed for money he had. Its practical experience whatever i observe .


once my brother told me that for earth to tolerate the weight of fattest person does not enough difficult while weight of thankless does much more difficult.

Different views about criticism

Its charge human battery so we should listen criticism.

Critics are real well wishers who acquaint us about bad habits and tasks for improvement.

For slow learners make pert.

Sensitive individuals take action quickly either in positive or negative

Sometimes it makes stub -born.

To bring down others and make them important.

Real life examples:

A student to whom did not allow to sit in class room because of dalit class, one day he took down constitution of India.

At the age of 54 Abraham Lincoln was elected as 16 president of USA.

Really to get up in criticism much difficult but support of blood relations and god’s grace makes it possible.

A cobbler’s son become doctor in spite of obstacles, difficulties that he faced at every step.

Really to get up in criticism does much difficult but support of blood relations and god’s grace makes it possible








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