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white paper life

White Paper Life To sharpen by scrabbling situated in garden. Wonderful example of art of idol making . Often sees and hear about idol an awesome body sharpen that makes feel will speak out immediately but lifeless. Anyways Selig sit nearly idol on green grass and in grief  and says,”who is stone? whether  this idol […]

work to inspire

work to inspire On 9th January around midnight while go to bed Vincy make mind 10 January would see as an awesome day and move to discover something. With this wish go to bed and had sweet dreams. With beautiful, energetic and romantic feeling came out of cozy and warm blanket to proceed. After getting […]


                                             Experiment   Environment was absolutely silence .In dark night two extra-ordinary creature move on in dense forest there wpendulumation neither any man nor bird could see. Enough devastation even in day time nobody […]

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Lorie’s Supermacy

Lorie’s Supermacy       Hi everybody It’s saying that you goes on job do not expect result. Frankley I implies here regarding ethical and serving jobs not here financial jobs. In Canada,  Greater Toronto Area region , because of heavy snow fall, compound outside the home where cars are parked full of snow upto […]

Lady have a word with front part

Lady have a word with front part   The golden rays of rising sun falls on river’s water. Seems as if golden waves makes fresh morning awesome and seemly. sparrows plaintive sound, on other hand, birds chirpcompoundto enhance beauty. Peoples who passed away nearby the river, on green grass just look like spread green carpet on earth […]

A million dollar family

   A Million Dollar Family This story moves about Fausto who has left right path but as he percept how many changes takes place and which shape take his life. In india, Fausto have many friends and feel pleased to spend life with them. Once in family function, he invited all friends for special party. […]