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Does criticism motivates

 Does criticism Motivates?   Define Criticism: Something is going wrong in your environment to fix it use bitter words in the form of taunting , make understand or take solid steps verbally or forcefully face to face or by taking support of media or social workers. Current definition of criticism: As much take benefits 50 […]

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make your importance

                                                           Make your importance         To live prosperous life never realize yourself inferior. Each and every thing have key in this world either its tiny or big. Coin has two sides i.e. head and tail for positive or negative response. Qualities and vices go side by side. There are many ways required […]

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In worst conditions goal become more strong

                          In worst conditions  goals become more strong     I am going to take down this blog when someone stop me to make career. But am trying soon or later I’ll be successful.  worst condition states that human life in critical conditions . Its main reasons are : natural calamities ,break out of horrible […]