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Good habits that makes you sucessful entrepreneur

   Good habits that makes you successful entrepreneur    A feasible possible vision. A creative mind. Consider employees asset of organisation. Search out ideas from different activities like gossip , watching TV and to see any profession. Keep up to date regarding marketing strategies. Keep the record of all transactions in written form to avoid […]

21 Ways to make good relations between mother and Child

21 ways to make good relations between mother and child Mother’s  true and by heart affection for child. Mother’s sacrifice for child. Mother’s caring nature makes child sensible and responsible. To make feel of her entity. Instead of kissing to pass over hand on child’s head with love. Make yummy and favourite dishes for child […]

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list of sites may helpful for you

List of some sites may helpful for you   Hi Everybody In internet era all are voracious.Today I want to share with you about some sites that will helpful for you and deals with different sectors. The owner of this site is Mike wallagher and very helpful for beginners. It provide information how to start a blog ,step by step procedure and ideas to take down blogs. Hindustan uni liver company deals with  different products  like soap, shampoo, paste, deo, tea and many more. This site deals with cyber security space , conduct workshops for ethical hacking. This site deals with Robotics ,Mat Lab and Embedded system provide training, conduct workshops .They provide mechanzo kits for students 6to 16 years. www.solid This company develops and market 3D CAD design software utilized by mechanical professionals      Http// Its […]

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Different ideas for start business

                                                                                  Customers ideas for start business          Hey ! Although you go anywhere in this world but everywhere hard- working does key to success. Circumstances , environment , polices , procedures varies time to time , place to place but factor of hard- working must exists . In competitive era to survive […]

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you should know this

  As we know that market has available many products of different brand. Thus we should know about this .         1.  Body Scrub Jolen body scrub provides good results for all types of skins. It can utilize for facial as well as body scrub.   2. Chambor  white whitening cleansing foam      Chambor […]

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             List of Introduction of new words           Cubism: Style of painting and sculpture developed in early 20th century, features mainly emphasis on formal structure , the reduction of natural forms to their geometrical form to display all aspects of painting. Android: consist of two words An […]