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sweets cum messenger

 Sweets cum Messenger       Its was different experience for me. You must amazing to know this. We all knows that in olden days messages were send by pigeons , horses , letters , telegrams etc. I think message implies to express worthy feelings and views in take down form. It conveys your views either […]

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Book i want to write

To take down a book really would a new experience for me in my life. In MBA when I made final project report on ” Future perspective of civil aviation in India ” I got appreciation from this project because only mine project was totally different from others while other students made project on common titles and […]

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” Anytime anybody speak politely words with me in any tone change my mood  for sometime although I be in irate position. “                                                                             Monika Josan    

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would be friends

  Flame for prosperity                            A flame to make burn for children’s prosperity for four houses. May god it shows us good day in future for whole world. its a ray of hope provide enough temerity to escape from all hard sets. 10 Steps taken from me 50 steps from your side to […]

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happy birthday

                                       How to manage birthday party in limited resources with better ways   Birthday : See this world with little eyes and assign different relations to different individuals inside the    home and kin. Everybody must have feelings and birthday plays vital role in our life. Although it comes once in a year but wait for […]

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Reply for wording against india

                                               Reply for wording against India      India is a poor country” Someone said these words when we were coming from Canada to India. on the way stay was of perhaps 5 hours In Ukraine but because of technical problems we have to stay over there more than 20 hours. Airport authorities announced that all individuals having […]

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Win this world with love

                                             Win the world with love         Do you agree with this saying? In practical life does it works? In my life once just to solve an issue delivered some words politely to someone. Although he is of stone -hearted for me  but my wording worked wonderful. Virtually it changed his mood and may be it […]

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children world

                                                          My children         My children are mine god and do their worship. They are god’s great blessings for me . Both are my strength whose love keeps me alive. Their memories , supportive nature , patience , wording works wonderful even in miserable circumstances. My son and daughter are ideal because they understand the […]

wondeful moments

Wonderful moment Two years back C T C Group Jallandhar organize Tech fest in their College. I went there to participate in creative writing competition. But as we reached there above said competition had over. It makes me disappointed. Immediately my classmates acquaint me regarding still one competition is left , its Nukkar Nautanki. We […]

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For pessimistics and losers

For pessimistic and losers     To goes on thinking negative continuously due to incident / accident occur or because of nature is known as pessimistic. Such persons used to search out negative points at each and every moment. In first attempt who become fail and does not courage to try it again with positive […]