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Describe your life in some words

  “A living body lives like todsoptimist having  courage, patience , capacity to tenaciously, dream to keep my words and willing to pay cost for lost lives, self -mortification, independent for my children’s with alive hope to make tranquil environment and celebrate my own runation”

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Going on Going on

Going on Going on This is not perfect time for writing. I need place here and there. No idea from where I should take ideas. It would good go outside interact with different personalities, know their views, see outside and someone like angel  appear and give power to make a lot of funny, informatic, new […]

Turns in Ulrika life

Turns in Ulrika life   This story moves around Ulrika life tragedy and how exerted to recover. Ulrika-A mischievous , day dreamer , stub-born , optimistic,  willing to do something different in life. She loves greenry and of course village environment , fond of collection of Peebles and pics . She believes that luck does […]

A Rocking Day

A Rocking Day Everyone has a booming day. Well , its starting point with huge ray of hope. All of us knows that in computer era rays are so powerful. A new morning that remove all darkness and disperse its light upon me. Its an entrance of new home-apartment. Such a home where going to […]

For kids I can do anything

 For kids I can do anything     Pollution free environment is unique and awesome mine that gives different valuable gems in the form of hale health,  prime house and cheerful environment Here I want to share with you experience. Once a man was smoking. I stop him to do so and he immediately dropped […]


Friendship Friendship like philosopher’s stone that converts someone into precious stone It’s like to flower that aromatic whole life Such a unique relation which does not imposed upon us as other relations True friends always get ready to boost and assist all time Good friendship to float himself as well as companion also Good friends […]

life quote

” Do not live your life below to be adjusted others . It raises their misdeed and cruelities much more” Monika Josan

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Life quote

” Those who have life forget their humanity but their evil days to teach one a lesson forever” Monika Josan    

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For someone

For someone  in poetic style ” with  enough  acutely I try to say      something to you Every time my bad luck try to stop m0e Break up power to tolerate  make me free forever “