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Beautiful Sharing

               Beautiful Sharing

Once a lady named Chloe came to guest house for working on the position of trainer in cosmetic company. She had costly dome-shaped pendant for ears with her that was very close to her heart she obtained this pendant from her maternal grandpa Peter. One nightfall she didn’t get pendant after searching all sides at room, then made mind to rummage of all members living in guest house. Chloe inform the guest house manager Abner and told him to take action quickly.

What they found that Eban who was living on next door to Chloe, stole same pendant. On the other hand he played a trick that his grand father Christ gave this pendant to Chloe’s maternal grand pa Peter so he took back this pendant as saw yesterday.

Chloe remains silent for few minutes but then said,” I’ll get back to you soon “. She investigate at her own and revealed in a wrestling competition after winning the memorable match where Peter applied hard efforts for make preparing Christ’s match. At home when they celebrate this victory Christ gave valuable pendant to Peter and said,

“This symbol of our friendship would live with you till next five generations “

Now in third generation Eban took it back. Now when they see each other chew bitter candy in mouth.

Chloe had an idea to get back same pendant. Although Eban was a man of principles yet possessed pendant. She started comparing both of them nature’s and their lifestyle. With this she was trying to observe Eban’s psychology.

In these days festival of lights came and one cracker erupted in his hand and hurt badly. Chloe initiated to serve him and postpone all her works and served him. Eban displayed that he was not willing to take her assistance but he took.

Next day in early morning, door knocked . When Chloe opened the door a man handover a beautiful small box with envelope.

Chloe be happy to see the pendant and in envelope a letter was for her.

Dear Chloe

You cared about me so you are beautiful. You served me so I do your gratitude. I am returning this pendant but symbol of friendship for you till your fifth generation. I took this back to find out whether preserving process still same or has changed. Blessings till  fifth generation.


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