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An interview with Chetanya sahu

  An interview with Chetanya sahu co-founder of Thinnkware

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good morning Sir



When did you start thinnkware?

15 Oct 2009


To reach at this place how do you feel?

Quite OK. But the place which I visualize is not yet reached.

Let us know about the place you visualize.

The industry is yet to be matured.Its just very early.


What are you doing for C S R?

We do not come under C S R yet.


C S R  starts after 100 Cr revenue company

We are way small now


Who is your ideal?

Ideals are lot

Steve job and Ratan  tata are prominent


To be entrepreneur who did inspire you

u mean who inspires me?


( immediately asked next question)

Which difficulties you are facing in robotics industry nowadays?

Entrepreneur itself is an inspiration

& day to day challenges keep me motivated and push me to learn new


( reply of this question)



Good team

Share any incident that bring turning point in your life

I think not yet came far as such turning point

What is your strength?

Hard work, ready to face challenge

building relationships

Share your biggest achievement

I haven’t achieved  much yet

For what purpose did you start robo shiksha?

But yes I have been able to networked with good people

For taking robotics to school

students. Spreading hands on

activities among students

for new era of learning

by understanding


Which speciality makes differ thinnkware as compared to other robotics companies in india ?


do you want to skip this question

Sir r u there

Sir r u there

Just three ques are left to ask

kindly be on line just for 5 minutes

ya tell me 

today at home so just got in some other stuff

u go ahead


Which speciality makes thinnkware differ?

our products are quite good


with good team in place &

few credibilities which we

have earned in this much time

do you agree with this statement ” Human resources are assets of the company”


very big

according to you necessity of life 

companies run on 3 wheels:

Team , vendor & customers

balance between person &


describe  your life in four words

Don’t sleep (till) dreams realized


Thanks  a lot give this wonderful interview

Thanks a lot


u r always welcome


Its my pleasure



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