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A letter to myself

         A letter to myself


Blessings for seeing safe and sound side of life.


What I have to do being a optimistic.?

I have to start thinking in idealistic terms. Courage and motivation tools i need to take challenge. Feel good all time with all and in every situation. Whenever I would disappointed my mind support me for finding alternatives.

I should remember only that strong person can forgive not weak.

I have to skilled at read in subtle signs to know the truth.

I have to make plans while going.

I should have tendency to get bored with stiff, tried and tested formulas.

Although whatever situations I have strong belief in ultimatum good of world.

I am grateful for my circumstances for bringing light to show the real faces of  others.

I feel funniness while write something or read books.

As soon as my inner strength accompany me I feel relieved about myself.

I feel free when things about arrangements of financial freedom.

Now clarity,peaceful mind, prayer make me cool.

I want to eradicate intoxicatnts from punjab and India .

I am feeling hopefully to unite everybody including my parents and my kids.

I am feeling mission oriented as laurel.

I am feeling openness, sociability to remove problems in  country.

If I would feel confident  from inner and outer side no one  can stop me to accomplish my work.

In my life inner smile and preception power works amazing.

I would explore my world. Still it’s limited to silence and writing only but now it would vast.

I feel spiritually harmony infinite to go ahead.

Still I am prosperous as get companion of my parents and my kids.


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