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A huge name in entrepreneurship -Vishen Lakhani

A huge name in entrepreneurship

Vishen  Lakhani

It’s a very big name in the world of entrepreneurs,  philanthropist, innovator, education technology, speaker and investor.

Vishen Lakhani is founder and CEO of Mind valley. This Malaysian born entrepreneur runs education technology company specialising in innovation in education with wellness, mindfulness and personal development into global education and life long learning. He is willing to change the education globally by providing innovation and holistic education for all levels from infant to adult. His main aim is to make human resources extraordinary.

His philosophy is as

” you never change things by fighting the existing reality.To change something,  build a new model that makes the existing  model obsolete”

In1995 he went to university of Michigan where he did major for Electrical Engineering and Computer Science . There he came to know about AIESEC, Its a non profit students run organisation preparing young leaders  into global leaders. It’s best platform  for internship all over the world.

He did not like 9 to 5 jobs. That’s why

In 2003 he launched mindvalley as a digital publisher and marketer of self-help programs and courses.

Vishen said” It all started with  $700 and beat-up Toshiba laptop in Starbucks “

While today Mindvalley worth is $150 million and they have200 employees from 40 countries. Main part to build this company with zero angel investor, venture capitalist money or government grants.

Recently vishen set in non-profit cause known as Awesomeness fest. Here he annually invite entrepreneurs for get together in heaven places like Hawaii or Costa Rica for network, speak, connect and share ideas on personal growth.

This is mobile generation so mindvallely gives self improvement.  They believes that extraordinary is an inspiration instilled within each and every one of us.

Such great personality  brings change for others and motivates.

We by heart salute you.

Have a great day



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