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A couple plans for first date

                                                A couple plans for first date


Fast fast running era where relations are changing everyday, instant works , quick break ups and everything moving fast. Jazz is choosy lady for finding life partner. Because she believes when her inner voice give green signal  then she would think about companion.One day she saw a picture of guy on Facebook she feel like  and precept that dream boy is in his atmosphere. They start chatting,  inquire about each other and decided to go for date.

Now Jazz and David both were excited for date on tomorrow. Jazz planned for  date in 1 hour like dress sense, style,  taste and prepare herself to be cozy all time with David. On other hand he was experienced in dates but every time, every day become heart touching personality all time.

Anyways next day they meet each other and did welcome for this meeting with a cute smile.

 Jazz said, ” You are most handsome man, dazzling personality and I scares to touch your face. And your inner beauty also mind blowing. I don’t know much about your but my preception could not go wrong. You make affectionate place in my life. I would keep it with me by close knitting formula.

Flowers with smell

Day with light

Night with dream

Life with breath

In its reply David speak out,” you are impressive personality and we could not live far away from each other.”


Pleasant weather make this meeting awesome. Jazz give a silver texture luxurious box to him having four sections decorated with hand made delicious dishes.Then they went to CCD taking a cup of tea.

A long drive entertain them with soft music for 4 hours.

Stop a car near flowers fields and walking around these colourful flowers and enjoy itsy-bitsy moments with warm and caring feelings.

30 minutes they spend in boating.

Happiness waves moving around them like a rain bow. As both said each other,”I regard you.I regard you”

Then they visit recreation centre and know about current activities, events going on this week.

Also visit art gallery.

On this day time thay spend with each other was enjoyable for both.

It’s time to say good bye. Both once shake hands for 3 seconds and their heart beat become very fast. Both say goodbye with tear filling eyes.

It was their first and last date when they meet and next day both went to heaven.


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