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Once know this

Once know this


“She deserves to be loving lady”

“A healthier life foundation”

“Whatever think makes her face radiant”

During take step toward higher study gossip going on, share experiences do chatting on Facebook but in between a huge thunder arise.

Such bitterness, vulgarity that ears prohibit to hear and eyes does not want to read. It was enough enough enough. Everyone made her understand, console and told culprit is close to you. Professionals take initiative to access and fix it but all are fail fail fail. This incident make feel her imblancing. Ever start crying or mull about quit or plan to leave education. Some people laugh at her but when they receive such messages they see stars in day light.

A lot a lot happened but one day she received a mail .

Hi Dear

All this happened because of me. A pending issue from two decades create a lot. Either I did not speak even a word but do accompany yours and bitter truth is I am culprit. One who create such terrible storm was busy to take advantages and do envy to our friendship. And I promise to you he would pay cost for its consequences sooner.But before this  I would bring storm creator into your feet. And you will punish him. I must add here still did not disclose my pain .My main purpose is to prove here that you are innocent and remove big burden from your mind.

As she red this mail she goes for mind freshner walk.




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