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Positive status

                Positive Status


1. yesterday was beautiful.
   Today is beautiful.
  Tomorrow Will beautiful.
   Think It and move on…….
2. Shadow always live with you.
     In light you can see it
     But in darkness you can feel it.
3. It become possible when you take stand
     It become impossible when you sit down
      and tired.
4. If make big name is your necessity
    Connect determination with breath
    You take.
5. I believe in myself
    Take down upon mind in such a way
     that predominate on brain.
6.  Stay positive not for 5 minutes in a day
     for best  result but for 24 hours.
7. I find treasure
   When fix all negativity
   Positivity hold me tightly.
8. Nature is filled with positivity
    Search out in each single atom.
   of pain and penance.
10. Biggest Issues does solve
     Where i am wise.
11. Be helping hand
    Good luck knocked your door.
12. Always happy mind can
     Give birth to creativity.
13. I am creative sound
     Best result expected.
    Best result take.
14. Positive air blowing
      Enjoy and be positive.
15. I am struggle lover till last breath.
     And will leave record breaking
    examples for world.
16.Drizzle passion in all drops of
     blood and act like machine.
     Good luck for rest of life.
17. Zest rain is falling
     Get wet quickly and
     Keep it up.
18. Remember i am fortunate.
     So i see you as too.
19. With excuses – nothing
    Without excuses you have covered
    half way of destination.
20. Small changes count
      When life shine.





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