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Title: “Child goals”

Explanation:  In Childhood have you been set your goals?  What are you preparing to achieve your goals? where do you want to see yours in next 5 years? Why did you select particular activity?

Start date of submission entries: Feb 27 ,2015

Last date of Submission entries: March 2, 2015

Word limit : 100 words

Age : 5 years to 13 years

Entry fee : Rupees 50 per students. Fee should be paid to your respective class teacher.

First prize : Rupees 1000 / One Thousand Rupees

Second prize: Rupees 500/ Five hundred

Conducted by  : Blog writer  Monika

Send entries at

Write Your name, School Name  and Class In entries

Winners name will declared on 13 December


  • There is not hard and fast rules for this contest.

  • Goals should true and realistic.

  • As an organiser we have all rights.

  • Subject matter should relevant and your own views are needed.

  • Material provided in entries should not same but same profession can be.

  • Entries can be cancelled in case of false information, not paid entry fee and utilize inappropriate words.

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