Stranger on a train


Covered face with black cloth

Moving steps with phobia

Walk like gorilla

Make passengers quite

Seems train hacked

Murmurs why and what happened

Either terrorist or any gang dispute

No one know about next moment

Uttered louder -Selena! Selena! Selena!

Selena appears inside dark black shine

Why you come here?

To kill me once again

No No No you could not

Finding from ten years

Why kill me ,ruin me

Tear into pieces my self -respect and existence

But no more tolerance

No one feel my pain and sorrow

 she get up to pay its cost with interest

Cruelties,  laugh derisively at

Hell life live as alive

My revenge would fulfill

Memorise death giving memory

My fault illy bring on earth

Destruction teach you lesson

How do separate

Passengers stood as pal

Now people helped her by tearing.












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