White Paper Life

2016-02-21 09

To sharpen by scrabbling situated in garden. Wonderful example of art of idol making . Often sees and hear about idol an awesome body sharpen that makes feel will speak out immediately but lifeless.
Anyways Selig sit nearly idol on green grass and in grief  and says,”who is stone? whether  this idol or me ?
A lifeless art appears expressing feelings but I could not speak , enjoy the life because of looser. Even feels unable to remove house fly upon me.
I am looser.I am looser.
I am looser.
I am looser.
Looking toward sky and sets in crying and reciting present to God.
Start in keutish whole body. Expressing extremely  oy vey.
Call me Shlimazel.
Within few moments weather changed . Heavy rain does start from dense clouds with thunderstorm. In this condition horrible voice is spreading he trembled and moving for rescue.
During running he saw Martin inn. As he take step inside the inn consider himself gornisht.He asked someone ,”what is going on here?”
A mentsh conducted workshop on every thursday in dawn time every week.people’s from far away places for cases of depressed or tsurss come here for miracle.
To see Selig , Mentsh uttered,”you come here for shalom.”
I shall definitely bring your life on track.,”said mentsh”
As he come near mentsh hand over a white paper to him and said ,” Go and read this mantra and return after 72 hours”
While shivering Selig take white paper goes to home. His wife Anna is caring lady so cares him because he is not feeling good. After taking vegetable soup he sleeps like unconscious . In morning when see the white paper it’s plain nothing was written on it. But when he see white paper near candle that burns all time in their home as a ritual. Words depicted as
“Write 5 things that went terribly wrong “
“5 things you need to growing wings”
After 72 hours when he came back with changed and please mood. Today take it on black suit with brown stripes. Hand over white paper to mentsh and said,” I have completed my homework “
1. Lost his parents.
2.worst deal with daughter in law.
3.worst deal with grand daughter.
4.pressurised upon best friend.
5.Become selfish and cruel.
Answer of 2nd question
1. Do confess for trouble of daughter in law.
2.Find grand daughter.
3.Make a prosperous family as ahead.
4. Do something good for lost best friend.
5. Want spiritually harmony.
After knowing that mentsh give 5 word
1.Be dazzling personality.
2.positive feelings
3.Love for humanity.
4.Gratitude for those who really cares you.
5.yes to solve issue and win his mind.
He came back from inn and mulling about grand daughter. From where I should start to find her. Selig remember one key mail he need to send for airport authorities. Amazing when he open the mail on the top a mail received  by grand daughter chloe.
Dear Grandpa
You withdraw my mom from home because of my birth. Now I am going far away from your life. Never try to find me.If you want to find its my valuable property. Leaving property for you.
Most pain felt on hearing you do congratulate only in two cases
1 On the birth of son
2.when someone does appointed on job.
1000 books written by her on  motivation, positive thinking, positive words and meditation.Apart from that a very big family who applied her strategies in practical life and preen their life.
Actually she was inspired by a great personality who earn big name and fame and left property of books and a couple of suit.
I hope you would  enjoy this story.







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