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On 9th January around midnight while go to bed Vincy make mind 10 January would see as an awesome day and move to discover something. With this wish go to bed and had sweet dreams.

With beautiful, energetic and romantic feeling came out of cozy and warm blanket to proceed.
After getting fresh as her ears listen prayer did enjoy spiritually .Move on both corners of home on second floor get ready to make list of different experience .
Okay list is ready now see what to do in list.

1) 5 Auspicious things in life

* Fuk Luk Sau

These 3 are Chinese God that represents authority,power and wealth.

* Three legged frog

Its popular sign of prosperity in China. To appear every full moon near homes that will receive good news of wealth increased.


The dragon signified power,strength and good luck. Emperor took the dragon for hope of bring good fortune to their hands.

* Swastik , Om, Trishul

It’s combination of 3 powers and kept in house ,business or factory because it’s very lucky and protect us from negativity especially ,evil energies and evil eye.

*Pa kva mirror

It is used in absorbing evil from the outside of your home.It’s 8 sided shape represents eight directions of life called ‘life station’.

2) 5 person’s  Last words

* Italian artist Raphael’s last word was simply


*Blue singer Bessemer Smith died saying,

” i’m going , bed i’m going in the name of the lord”

*Frank sinatra died after saying,

” I’m losing it”

*Birth control advocate Margaret Sanger’s last words  were,

“A party! Let’s have a party”

*writer T. S. Eliot was only able to whisper one word as he died :

“Volerie,” the name of his wife

3) 5 plants reduce indoor pollution

*Snake plant

It clears smog, formade hyderabad and trichloroethylene from air. It produces oxygen and remove carbon dioxide at night. It’s ideal for bedroom and low-light rooms.

*Spider Plant

It removes smog, formaldehyde, benzene and xylene. A study reveals that spider plant removes 96% carbon monoxide and 97% of nitrogen dioxide within a sealed room.

*Peace lily

This is used at removing a variety of alcohols and chemical vapours and scored among top plants tested for removing toxins.

*Rubber plant

This plant is at top list for removing formaldehyde.It prefer bright, indirect light, regular watering and mist on its leaves when the air is dry.

*Area Palm

It’s best plant to remove a variety of toxins.

5) ways to handle hardships

*stay fearless and believe in yourself

*your smiling face would assist you

*Determination open doors to move on.

*Take difficulties as challenge.

*With positive thinking target your destination

Now after knowing all these things what she found

1.Remove laziness and to enjoy life of golden moments in wee hours of the morning.

2.know at last words of some people’s and realize that moments in advance.

3.In daily life ways to reduce indoor pollution and follow it.

4.Get knowledge in different branches.

5.Not bad if I would say think high do work and harvest good crop for greenery in life.

I hope you would enjoy .






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