Environment was absolutely silence .In dark night two extra-ordinary creature move on in dense forest there wpendulumation neither any man nor bird could see. Enough devastation even in day time nobody passed over from that path.  By profession one was gold smith his name was Tim  and other was Suitcase Entrepreneur and his name was John. Tim and John  moved on for experience a new experiment to do discussion on topic

” how envy, too much make up and inappropriate gifts are interelated”

As they were moving on , near three large trees a leaf from top of tree fall down. Horrible sound make them scare too much. Now Tim was on vibrating mode and John was moving like pendulum. After twenty minutes they become normal and to have a sigh of relief. Although they know have to face such strange experiences. In the mean while tbey sets in discuss on topic in the nick of time two leaves fall on ground from top of tree with double noise. Now both fall down to strike one against another on grass as breathless.

It was their good luck that there a new soul mate meet them. By profession he was a wood cutter and his good name moody. While going as his feet touch tim’s head he also fall down. Moody surprised to see these creatures.. In such situations he saw a glow -worm there. Now Moody was trying to awake them. As they awake saw here and there new pal appears from where.?

Moody let them acquiant about himself and ask for regarding how they reach in devastation. Now Moody came there with too much make up applied upon his face to hide his real identity. Before this they say something to moody , they ask why did you apllied too much make up? To scare others.

It was written in his kundli the night when he display real identity it would become his last night and no more. Tim and John mulling they got ideas to discuss there topic. But these two werenot aware about astrology of moody’s life. They convince moody to debate upon topic. As they began topic origin of envy.

Tim: value, goodness , beauty, intelligence , qualities , education , aristocracy , hi -fi standard and geniuses.

Still tim spoke out these words immediately moody flee at great speed toward pond. To quench his thirst lost his balance and fall down on pool and decease. As Tim and John reached there , they saw an entity and ask them for boon.

Tim spoke out” Make me reach at home as soon as possible”

John spoke out” Make me most valuable and comfortable man”

Entity permission granted and disappear immediately.

Now Tim reached at home comfortably but John as reached at home his wife was no more. A piece of paper found on table . It was her last words.

Dear John

I loved you too  much but I know I had created a lot of issues in your life.

But really I felt your need all time but you were not here.

All time you degrade me and make my value zero.

Although I have enough potential to take care myself forever.

But to make finish this relationship was also crucial.

Today you would most valuable and comfortable man.

I wish for you that your next life partner would win your heart .

Best wishes for valuable life partner.

Your Maria

As John red her last words he came to know her value in life but now time has gone. In few days a stylish John look like simple man . Now he was disappointed and to forget his loneliness keep himself much busy  but as he become he missed her memories all time spent with her.




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