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It’s saying that you goes on job do not expect result. Frankley I implies here regarding ethical and serving jobs not here financial jobs.

In Canada,  Greater Toronto Area region , because of heavy snow fall, compound outside the home where cars are parked full of snow upto 8-9 inches. In winter season, daily after snow fall had to pushed to make path for pedestrians. This story moves around Lorie. She is different character to whom whenever someone scold or degrade after few minutes she changed her mood as ahead. Due to flexible nature, changed her decisions according to circumstances but any point where to be absorbed put ones foot down till fulfill it.

Apart from this Lorie has two siblings. Emma older sister and zoe younger sister. Social sciences was interested subjects taken by Emma. But as Zoe is concerned mainly computers was opted by her. Now Lorie understood that both sisters need special guidance to make their bright future.

Once in leisure her son Evan came and sit on her lap. While playing and making him laugh , Evon to happen to see her gold bangle. Immediately take in out by making him understand its real not imitate.

But childhood wants to pour elephant in small pot. Now rotate gold bangle and be pleased it become his habit. One day after rotating it keep it on fire place. Instead of pull it outside push it inside and futher get busy to bring it outside .Now worried was being by me. Although gold smith suggested the way to get it but did not. Secondly new landlord was from african culture and thirdly strongly arguments were not given by Lorie. Three things were worried to her . Due to psychological issues she has to come back to home country.

In india, plain region where noon at zenith two sales ladies and students of herbal products saw a lady on second floor. Both ladies wished her with gesture and asked whether you have 2 minutes to hear us because we  were students and our training was going on. Lorie stopped them by showing hand and went down stair. As both ladies introduced,  in the nick of time a snake charmer appeared there and asked for 2 cup of tea for two .He said “in its response he will predict your future by observing forehead lines. After taking tea, said that you very short life. Lorie asked ,”Any solution”.This is method of gods law. In whole universe nobody can change it.

Lorie ,” Still my incomplete works are pending”

Snake Charmer,” By the core of heart do satya narayan ji ki pooja . He must accomplish your pending work in few days.Now for bright future of her sisters and her children.  She was willing to make life coach for Emma whose fee is $2600 and to get admission of Zoe in SAP required $6000

Once while conversation with friend olivia , Lorie came to know that as risky jobs you do as much money you get. Lorie’s mission was to collect $8600. Apart from this Lorie was worried about her own son . From a maid she was motivated who nurture 4 children after the death of husband. Now she was to make him get marry.

She needs huge amount of money so she make register herself for adventures. She red all carefully instructions and fill the form . Lorie was selected in audition. Within two days gap she did strict practice but on second night at 9 o’clock phone ring make her sad but she took action immediately. One of her fast friend Eva need blood group immediately of B+. Lorie get ready to donate blood without caring her own life. Thus she saved Eva ‘s life. In same hospital, she took prescriptions for instantly energy and energy drinks. Lorie recovered within 12 hours.

Competition was tough. As first player was going to set in stunt, one player sneeze in the nick of time. One judge punish him to apply 2 rounds of ground and your turn will come at last. The time in which you start stunt rest players will sneeze twice.Out of 30 players only 14 entered into second round. Now only 5 players entered into third and final round. Luckily Lorie was among 5 players. Now as she jumbed from helicopter in circle where fire was on in water and spend maximum time in water she stood first. But her injury make her in critical condition. Anyhow Lorie was pleased because she had arrangements to get admission for both sisters and rest money spend on nurturing of her child.

The moment Emma and Zoe saw Lorie condition both sisters rejected to get admission for their bright future. But Lorie could not tolerate this and hand over her will to parents and child.

In such situations Lorie’s son recite her will

My dream will come true when both sisters would appointed on higher positions and to preen life of my as well as their own family. As she would no more just once burnt small lamp in ground of her college by taking down Free from Lorie”

Then a short man name Leo entered into her chamber and hand over golden bangle to Lorie and apologise because he said to her ,” worst lady” That moment Lorie’s breath stopped.

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