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The golden rays of rising sun falls on river’s water. Seems as if golden waves makes fresh morning awesome and seemly. sparrows plaintive sound, on other hand, birds chirpcompoundto enhance beauty. Peoples who passed away nearby the river, on green grass just look like spread green carpet on earth , enjoy the beauty of nature too much. Here you will know about pollution free and peaceful period.

 I am going to discuss the story of 60 years back , a hindu famiily whose head was a Pandit. Pandit had four sons. Rakshit , Vipan , Rahul and Akshay. Rakshit was the eldest son of pandit. He had two daughters names kahkasha and sakshi. Pandit ‘s family was a joint family and all members were obedient and gave due respect to pandit. All of his sons were married and enjoying their lives.

Kahkasha completed her LLB in olden times when girls were not allowed to go outside the home and kept them in observe purdah.

Kahkasha’s ethos was that one should have deeds and steps taken by her must illuminate the life.  She was of progressive nature. She considered that one should not live in past as sky does not mourn its broken stars same way orchard does not observe mourn when flowers and creeps wilt.

Kahkasha all times makes herself busy in works like study , in kitchen activities,  do embroidery on different stuff, , make fans having small tingling bells, cotton mats and small baskets of reed etc.

As she had completed her study, Rakshit to betroth with a brahmin boy. Pandit’s whole family gave their acceptance to this noble relation . Anyways the night of wedding arrived, As the ceremonial ambulations by bride and bridegroom around the holy fire about to set in, bridgegroom spoke out to see the face of bridge ahead. All guests began take in undertone. Relatives made him understand that everything is perfect. Bride is skilled lady but he insisted.  Now auspicious time of wedding was getting delay.

Atleast bride asked her uncle Rahul why they are getting late this auspicious time is going on. He told  the arised situation.  Kahkasha replied,” Just this is matter.  Go and call bridgeroom in the room.  He entered and sit infront of her and said, “I do accept her.” But kahkasha replied ,” You has accepted me but I do not accept you”. Her this wording changed everything. Further bridegroom’s father joined her hands and even put his turban on her feet . Kahkasha spoke out,” If today I would not charming he left me here and her father has to do as such. But you people did not listen our request.” Need not to do so just go back.

In front of all relatives she did commitment that would never get marry throughout the life. Although you come anytime and see in her life time till the end. Till the end of her life nobody will come in her life.

From that day she started work as an advocate and spend her life for making other ladies life better. she become a social worker . A lot of peoples known to her. She drove a compaign ‘ Independent support’ its mission was to make all ladies and girls independent. At the age of 90 while moving to haryana in car accident she lost her life.

One of her best quality was that brightness of her face always existed. She spokes as if flowers are dropping from her mouth. Her family members did support her at everywhere and considered her peahen of their compound.




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