A Million Dollar Family

This story moves about Fausto who has left right path but as he percept how many changes takes place and which shape take his life.

In india, Fausto have many friends and feel pleased to spend life with them. Once in family function, he invited all friends for special party.

Now all pals were making a noise, enjoying function with continental and indian snacks, going on gossip regarding different topics and review of bollywood movies.

Tom ” Actor, Actoresses perform tough duties. How they face huge audience. I don’t can understand how they play double role in movies. As a single person how they enter into both character. Its  so complicated . Sometimes they play tripple role and even I saw seven roles also but in real life not possible.  Its just a point of bifurcation”

Jerry  ” Does here anyone who can play double role in real life for 10 years progressively .If one person will perform for 10 years then I’ll pay 1 million dollar . It was to lay down conditions between friends. One has to play character of two persons having different nature.”

Fausto give his consent to this lay down conditions. Move on to play this role. He has to be junction of two different personalaties.It would not wrong if I say combination of east and west.

One character that is his own belongs to aristocratic family, having most handsome face, gorgeous look, a lot of girls to hold him very dear. Parents produce most handsome man on earth to bring a lot of girls at home. One of his sister, give away their sister to marriage in the replace of bring a lot of girls to their home as daughter in law.

Any girl who saw so killing man she has to pay money for that. In exchange  fausto ‘s mother awarded them with costly present and daughter – in-law of great dynasty. Without letting you on this quality his character would incomplete. That is to stare the boys whenever free. Now they annony and complaint his parents to make his get marry sooner. After wedding he would leave them stare.

While on the other hand he plays the character of Fedel who is gentle man, responsible, stylish although live in foreign country but perform all custom of home country.  He has single lady in his life I.e. his wife. He understand the value of ladies dignity and so respect everybody.After completing his higher secondary education he make his career as a chef.  He  believes that due to dowry a lot of issues arise in married life and to assess his life partner without dowry.

As this lay down condition is concerned only Fausto’s friends were known for this. In home he does played his own character but outside plays Fedel’s role. Now play double character was not child’s play . Whenever he about to forget fedel’s character handle the situation by change the topic or funny activities. Thus he make laugh others.

Anyways such personality gets marry to susan in the drizzling of tears of a lot of  girls. As long as days were passing complications were raising to handle. Although you are enough smart but quandry makes him depressed and fall sick. After 6 months he recovred with meditation . In mean while Fausto keep secret about lay down condition to his wife.

Although he is master from all angles but consider others petty even his own parents also. Fausto do work like a machine so family members called him machine. Anyhow in fedel’s character gives respect to ladies and shows his life is cozy. As fausto to whom he considered worst lady while in fedel’s character make her value. Her name is Bonan.

Bonan speak out” Never make trick of your love. Its would not  make enough her life critical as you would feel ”

This wording changed his life. From that day he does respect his own wife and his son who made his life heaven by knowing all evils of his husband.

Now they become million dollar family and thus win the lay down condition.The amount he got after winning distribute in the welfare of those personalities to preen the life of true lovers. Make union of noble souls.You know why these changes takes place because scissor become needle who connects all difference and get together.

Enjoy story and leave comments.



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