Although failure still hope exist





Everybody must have plus and negative points. Here I am going to share  a failure but it does not mean that myself is loser .Still I do hope to solve this issue as alive.

In 1998, during college time an issue was set in. He was not just former class mate but more than this . I could not solve that issue till today.  But it does not mean that I did not try to  fix it. I did. At that time I did not know ways to solve this. This issue make me in critical conditions. I am alive to solve it because it become utmost important to solve this. It become most painful for me as well as others around me. There are many reasons which I am going to disclose here.

  • Make mind weak.
  • Did not face boldly
  • Leave work for tomorrow
  • waving nature
  • Mostly live in past
  • No support
  • Bigotry
  • Exertions in intervals
  • Demotivate
  • Don’t trust on others
  • Waiting for day to be free forever
  • continuously goes on tolerate
  • Spend days with silence
  • Live in dreams
  • Back out
  • Wait for assistance
  • Wait just wait
  • Goes on thinking with breath
  • Strongly eager to solve issue
  • Make environment peaceful
  • Exertions for to be independent
  • Mull about both houses member who are concerned with me

I know till I would not prove myself nobody will help me. In case I ask for help it appears as if  others are eager to help me but to think about future I worried. Once Dean Sir told that even great personalities could not escape from exams  then how you can.

Although whatever situation arise make yourself enough strong that next person realize difficulty to face you and consider  himself weak.

In my life when I did its exercise it encourages me.


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