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In my dictionary challenge is to face someone having similar strength and prove myself.

Today I am going to share with you a recent challenge . Ahead when anybody did challenge me  i reacts as pessimistic and mull i am unable to do this. I always keep myself as weak personality , a coward just helpless.

Often it says that anytime, anywhere, anybody ‘wording can change your mind and can make you passionate. Anyways ! Few days back during laundry – a Jersey became spoil due to applied color  stain.when  my husband saw this and said now you apply color on this. I replied optimistic that I’ll remove this color . But he said” you can only apply colors but can not remove it” Although i  didn’t answer but in mind accept this challenge positively. After some days I became successful to remove color stain. Now it was time to acquaint him and display I have succeed.

The moment when I showed his jersey from all sides and speak out ” Did you buy new one for me” But after sometime he identity that its old one .Then I justify that color stains have gone.

I got answer “Its OK”.

Really by accept challenge and prove myself give me spiritually harmony. You know why it give me harmony because it motivates me to bring turn in life. Sometimes small deals encourage to live better life.

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