Ways to be a people’s Person

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Each  and everybody have different style and nature. We are recognised by our deeds , style and way of talking. Some peoples are of reserved nature but others are of jolly nature. Some are optimistic but others are  pessimistic. Here i want to share some interesting incidents with yours.

Blessings must have  a lot of  power.


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In 2005 i was too much excited because i was going to Canada. One day i saw an advertisement of Smart Talk  Amritsar and talked to my husband  regarding to do training of call center executive to do job in Canada. He convinced for training of same for 1-month period. Anyways  i went there.Our tutor was a nice lady . She trained and acquainted us regarding professional life , multinational companies work life, professional dresses, interview tips. And really she acquainted us for professional dresses and whatever she taught us proves beneficial for me even today wherever i used strategies..  At that time by profession she was Air hostess. She had worked with  airlines like Lufthansa Airline , Indian airline and many more.

Here i felt that these courses and training teach us  about practical life which we did not understand during academics.

In fact what are advantages of meaningful wording? How much its worth?

Ways to be a people’s person


  • Start voluntary programs to assist peoples near by you.
  • Make links with different individuals working on different positions in different sectors because of their interactive nature.  Any person to whom you meet must exchange your contact numbers and email id. It helps in future references.
  • Be a pleasing personality. You should have capacity to convert others troubles into comforts.
  • Initial provide your services free of cost.
  • with passage of time set in charge fee for services but customers services should prior.
  • Influencing power plays dominating place to make strangers own.

Rahul Tyagi’s way




"Catch me tommorow on NDTV's Cell Guru with Team Lucideus at 2.30pm. Know how to do cyber forensics on Whatsapp, Android Game Hacking, VOIP hacks and Fake SMS through Android..."


Last year i attended his workshop on ethical hacking. At that time he was working as a vice present of Lucideus Company. In workshop he told how he started to do work in early age. One day his father,s friend came to him to ask for any computer expert who fix computer hardware. His told  him to ask Rahul to start unnecessary squabble may be he can let you on something. When he show computer to rahul , he diagnose where the problem is and told his uncle to come after two days. while it was work of only 10 minutes. Anyways after two days when his uncle came and he did charge money for that. without any bargaining his uncle paid money happily. Then his uncle tell everyone that Rahul can fix hardware problems of computer. From that day he become popular as hardwrae expert in locality and start earn money. Nowadays he is working in Lucideus.

Other ways

In normal life just to ask about recent time , it will give you harmony and make your importance in others life. Consider other elders like your own and give them respect also makes you people’s person.


If in practical life you will use any way from above said ways must leave a comment.



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