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Its was different experience for me. You must amazing to know this. We all knows that in olden days messages were send by pigeons , horses , letters , telegrams etc.

I think message implies to express worthy feelings and views in take down form. It conveys your views either you are far away from your dear or could not say in front of other.

On 30th  October 2014 I went to market . My mother in law told me to go and  purchase some articles of grocery because that’s was newly opened mom and pop store and they provides goods at reasonable prices.

At door there was written that we challenge to sell goods at cheap prices . When I asked sales lady she answered me with comparison of MRP with their prices. Anyways ! Although other things that I need was not available there but I purchased a chocolate box from Nestle the reason being its packing was totally different.

After return to home I showed this packing to mine daughter and she took 1 chocolate. She explained that its yummy. Again I put this packing into bag for next day. Approximately after 7 hours at night my daughter was asking for chocolate , I gave her and took one  chocolate for me. I was going to start writing and as unwrap this chocolate I saw  a message. Then immediately unwrap all chocolates and noticed that each one has a message.

Out  of 10 chocolates I got 8 messages because of 2 were eaten by my daughter. I want to share this experience with yours.

                         Love is like the wind ,   You can’t see it but you can feel it

Reply : yes its true. We must love all those which lives around us and outside who cares us. Love wind should caring that make your worth otherwise ignore it.

                        Love is like the wind ,  You can’t see it but you can feel it

Reply: It should not blind but that makes value of human beings and motivate you to do work and provides you spiritual harmony

                        Love is like the wind , You can’t see it but you can feel it   

Reply: Real love wind should related to your children and humanity.

                        Love  is like the wind , You can’t see it but you can feel it   

Reply: Love wind joins not separate from dear .

                        I love the smile at the end of sentence 

Reply : obviously ! smile gives happiness to everybody that are humans.

                        Love made cheeks glow long before the electric bulb

Reply: Yup! In true love it happens but if that true love ruined your life then what ought to be .

                        I finally know why I was  send here to love you    

Reply : Really I don’t who are you and from which intention you send these messages. But I appreciate your feelings  as a well wisher.

                   Time changes everything even love It makes me love you more everyday

Reply: As a friend kindly pray for me so that I can fulfil mine utmost important work in life. Time brings turning point in everybody’s life .  I expect such expensive time asap in my life when I meet my diamonds.

God bless you dear. Have a great time for you.





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