Fulfil a wish in a college party during living in Canada

                                                                Attended college party in Canada


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Luck proceed whatever you mull. During college time in India i was willing to drive scooter . Although i tried to learn scooter but in few days could not. Often i used to imagine i know driving and in difficult time i have to drive and does manage everything. Its a interesting incident that i want to share.

Opt party spot in hilly area. CTR college Ludhiana celebrate 2 times party in Canada every year in summer and winter. My husband studied Mechanical Engineering from above said college. Once we got this opportunity to attend this party in summer. Really it was awesome experience. Almost all students with their family went there.

A couple who does organise this party were really gentle personalities. They are of jolly nature. They entertain us too much.

There were  a lot of snacks were available to eat. Ladies brought different home made dishes . But we purchased samosas from market and brought their. On that day there was pleasant weather. Everybody was enjoying over there. Gents was playing volleyball  and children were playing  and Ladies was busy in gossip and making laughing each others by reciting different stories.

After some time started drizzling but any how everybody was enjoying. Old aged ladies were talking according to their age. In evening started roasted chicken , cheese and sweet potatoes. Gents were drinking and sharing different technologies and incidents .

In evening when party become over everybody was ready to return home and did good bye to all. As we sit in car i asked him that should i drive because you drank . In its response he told me do you not trust me. Do you think that i could not drive. I replied that i believe upon you but in hilly area and it will difficult for you to drive. In the nick of time a lady security officer blew the horn but he did not stop the car. I told him to stop the car then he did and went outside what’s she want to say.

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As he come back he asked me that will you drive. I said ,” yup! I can drive in such hilly area” Then i sat on driving seat and did start the car and said” I’ll make you reach at home safely”. As we move i appears to me really its difficult experience but then i think its my responsibility to bring them at home. He continuously providing me instructions during driving. After reaching home , i said ,”see i  have manage. Are you happy now”

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