To take down a book really would a new experience for me in my life. In MBA when I made final project report on ” Future perspective of civil aviation in India ” I got appreciation from this project because only mine project was totally different from others while other students made project on common titles and almost same industry. My guide really prove thanks worthy to complete this project. She assisted and encourage me at every step how to make it much better.  Even examiner asked me does anybody from my background working in civil aviation. My answer was no but it was my desire to select different sector. Then I thought if can make project of 70-80 pages then why I could not write book of  although 100 pages. After completion of master degree I listen videos and pod casting of Chris ducker ‘s 7 days free classes. It makes me acquainted about e books and other online tools that as a blogger and writer I should know although I did not apply all that tools but trying . He displayed that  huge no of customers I can make through e books.

Book I want to write

 Firstly I want to write book on my life’s up and down that I have been spend. whatever I personal feel , tolerate , emotions , deeds , comforts and sorrows and nature. If I would able to complete this book successfully I think it would not wise to say on other topic.

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