Flame for prosperity        




A flame to make burn for children’s prosperity for four houses. May god it shows us good day in future for whole world. its a ray of hope provide enough temerity to escape from all hard sets. 10 Steps taken from me 50 steps from your side to come ahead  and rest 40 steps from me. joint exertions will bring good days for everybody. As we know that everybody lies on expects we also include ourselves. Remove darkness from our life and bring light of peace spread on us.

I have taken step to come forward .Will you be there?  I eagerly waiting for your reply.

Leave at least one reply. I hope positive answer from yours.

From last 15-16 years did not listen your wording. When you were going to start new life I did not give you present at that time. Now I want to handover a present for you. Although you will accept or what ever you react still I can’t say. To move in backward direction is not possible but today  and future still is in our hands. I feel like to meet you and your son.

Come and recite me regarding yours? If you are still lives in Amritsar then it will convenient for us to meet each other.

Its try from mine side and hope from yours also.

Shakespeare said” cowards die many times before their deaths; the valiant never taste of death but once ”

Right! To die every second of life is really tough till one face it boldly.

In fact I got number of comments on this post I hope readers will enjoy this. I try to moderate it. This post is dedicated to a lady who was my junior in college time.

It will please me if she will reply here at least once.



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Have a great day

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